Although the origins of Valentine’s Day are shrouded in mystery, like so much of our culture many believe it can be traced back to the Ancient World. It is not even certain which of three Saint Valentines the day actually honours, but it is most often associated with the story of a young priest living in the Roman Empire. He became famous for continuing to secretly marry young lovers, even though Emperor Claudius II had forbidden younger citizens from marrying because married men were supposedly distracted from military service! When news of Valentine spread, he was jailed and sentenced to death. While imprisoned, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Legend has it that, on the night of his execution, he handed her a love letter, signed ‘from your Valentine’.Valentine’s Day is celebrated at a time of year that is associated with love and fertility in pagan religions, and brides in Ancient Rome wore wreaths of picked flowers and also herbs to symbolize the same. Other flowers associated with various types of love include tulips, roses, primrose, purple lilac, jasmine, aster and balsam. Some archaeologists even claim that flower fossils found in caves suggest the tradition of sending flowers dates back to the prehistoric period! For our full range of bouquets and other gifts available for local delivery, visit our online shop or contact us on 01303 260000 or pop in and say hello!