Easter Flowers

Easter flowers make for a beautiful gift or are a lovely addition to the Easter dinner table but there are a few traditional Easter flowers that signify the occasion and the season. Keep reading to find your perfect Easter blooms..

Easter Colours

Any flowers can be beautiful for Easter but those with Spring hues make for the perfect traditional bloom. Yellows, pale pinks and peaches are beautiful colours for the occasion.


Daffodils are a traditional Easter flower and are associated with the wonderful season of spring. They brighten up any room and signify new beginnings, rebirth and the coming of spring.


Hyacinths are a Spring favourite making them perfect for Easter. Colours can range from the classic deep indigo to bright magentas, lighter pinks and purples and white. For many people, the flower brings back memories of warmer weather, sunshine and most importantly, the end of winter. 


This flower is on trend for Easter. The beautiful Spring hues make this flower the perfect traditional gift or table centre for Easter. The beauty and grace of a simple Tulips means the flower has become a symbol for meanings like enduring love, regal nature, abundance, prosperity, and indulgence.